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New audio ballot papers launched for elections

Audio ballot papers are being introduced to polling stations across Dudley borough for the elections next month.

The new option will help support people with sight issues by allowing them to hear an audio version of all candidates and parties.

The audio versions will be available for local, West Midlands Mayoral and Police Crime Commissioner elections at all 173 polling stations.

People scan a QR code, with help from staff on site, which takes the voter to a bespoke audio description of all candidates and parties for that polling station. That will then help them to fill in a standard ballot paper.

The elections take place on May 2 with the results announced on May 3 and 4.

Kevin O’Keefe, chief executive and electoral returning officer, said:

No one should be excluded from the elections and we have lots of help and support for people with disabilities. It ranges from extra lighting to special overlays to support people with dyslexia.

The new audio feature will support people when completing the ballot paper and takes our accessibility to a new level to ensure the polling stations and voting system are as accessible as they can be.

People need to bring ID if they want to vote at a polling station, which includes a driving licence or passport. A full list of acceptable forms of ID is available on the council’s website.

If an acceptable form of ID is not available, people can apply for a free voter authority certificate by April 24 which can be done online.

For more information on the elections visit www.dudley.gov.uk/elections

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