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Polling stations review

People can have their say on polling stations across Dudley borough in the build up to a series of elections in the Spring.

Dudley Council is carrying out a review of the size of polling district boundaries and the location and suitability of polling stations.

People can comment and make suggestions as part of the review.

Dudley Council currently has 191 polling districts which are areas made up of adults eligible to vote and 182 polling stations in 148 locations where people cast their votes in person.

Balvinder Heran, deputy chief executive and electoral returning officer, said:

We want people’s views on the size of the boundaries and the location and suitability of the polling stations. People can suggest alternatives, ones which are more suitable to potential voters.

There is a lot more information on our website including how people can get involved.

People can send comments back via email polling.review@dudley.gov.uk before February 2.

Responses will be published on the council’s website next month (Feb).

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