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Pothole repairs

Almost £2million has been spent tackling potholes on Dudley borough roads over the past year with highways crews continuing to tackle thousands of defects.

A total 1,306 highways defects have been reported to the council over three months (Oct-Dec 23).

Around 1,140 square metres of highways defects were repaired in October, with 2,415 done in November and 1,870 in December. It means there have been 5,425 square metres of repairs in the last three months and 13,485 since April.

WATCH: Councillor Corfield talking about repairs to the highway

Highways crews have changed the way they tackle potholes so that repairs last longer and could increase the lifespan by as much as 10 years.

Councillor Damian Corfield, cabinet member for highways and environmental services, said:

“Potholes and highways defects are a continuous battle but I have made it clear that I want this to be a priority. The weather will always play a massive part in the condition of our roads but we spend almost £2million a year tackling the problem.

“We will continue to target this issue, particularly in areas where we know there is a specific need and do all we can to make sure our roads are in the best condition they can be for everyone.”

Extreme weather can cause significant damage to the borough’s highways.

People can report potholes to the council online by visiting and searching ‘potholes’.

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